Additional Services

Looking for more ways we can help?

In addition to the three core services of the Causeway Collaborative Model, Causeway provides additional supports to academic and public institutions, as well as to families as an integral part of the work we do with young men. We have also honed our process to render services remotely to make Causeway more accessible to clients around the country and around the world.

Professional Services

Causeway Collaborative also provides consulting services to educational and public institutions. Rooted in our mission of “every young man living a fulfilling and meaningful life,” Causeway has developed partnerships throughout the northeast, providing staff development, customized curriculum, direct service programming, and transition supports for both students and staff. If you are interested in incorporating these themes into your educational programming for the upcoming school year, please contact Causeway to discuss your goals and objectives.

Parent Coaching

In many instances, a therapeutic process involving all members of the family isn’t possible, or the resistance to that process impedes engagement. In those cases, a shorter term intervention can be both more appropriate for the needs of everyone involved. It may also be desired by the parents themselves. Parent coaching within the Causeway Collaborative model occurs within a 4 session, time-bound arc and focuses upon the following identified subject areas within each session framework:

  • Session 1: Initial assessment and identification of goals
  • Session 2: Communication patterns and modification
  • Session 3: Parental alignment
  • Session 4: Strategies in developing and implementing boundaries

We have seen short term processes where parents can learn and incorporate critical skills that are highly beneficial in enhancing the interactions that occur at home amongst all participants.

Speaking Engagements

In addition to operating a thriving private practice, Vince Benevento and the Causeway Collaborative team are active contributors to the regional education and counseling sectors. From 2012 to the present, the Causeway team has delivered its message at more than 100 speaking engagements, in front of audiences ranging from a half dozen to upwards of 1250. These events range from local “Back to School Nights” and panel discussions to Causeway Collaborative-sponsored community functions and speeches in front of large student groups at local high schools.

Since 2012, the business has evolved from a fledging startup to a highly established, well-respected organization within the tri-state marketplace. Causeway is built upon a unique mission of “Every young man living a fulfilling and meaningful life,” and boasts a proprietary and evidence-based approach to serving young men and their families. The Causeway Collaborative team seeks out opportunities to share their vision with the community, and will speak on behalf of their mission, values, and methods whenever possible. If you are interested in having Vince or his team speak about Causeway at your school or on behalf of your organization, please contact us for more information about your goals and objectives.