Is your son struggling?

Your son’s road has been bumpy. His relationship with school and his other commitments can best be described as rocky. He is ambivalent about his future and, while many of his friends have moved on either to college or to post-grad jobs, he hasn’t. Communication at home has been less than perfect, and your efforts to open up new channels have been obstructed at every turn. He may be angry, disengaged, anxious, or depressed, and manifesting behaviors that are concerning to you. He’s not going where either you or he thought he would. He is stuck.

Sound familiar?

Our counselors are experts at building connections and establishing trust with young men who have resisted others’ efforts to reach out. In fact, our clients attend sessions over 93% of the time, demonstrating both a desire to buy-in to the work and a willingness to engage with our service providers. In partnering with your son, we will work to help him address the root cause or causes of his issues and begin to move forward.

Causeway Collaborative’s individual counseling program is tailored specifically for young men ages 17-30. This program will provide your son with the support and guidance that he needs in order to better understand himself and progress towards independence. The bedrock of our unique approach is the deep examination and enhancement of thought, action, and identity. By asking the questions others may not have thought to ask, and designing an environment uniquely suited to unpacking the answers, our program fosters lasting change. Together, we can give your son the tools he needs to live a life you both can be proud of.