Futures Planning

Is your son drifting?

Lately you’re beginning to wonder when your son will get started, or whether or not they’ll even make it to the starting line. You’ve witnessed the vigor and enthusiasm that he can bring to the table. The drive. The determination. But why aren’t they approaching their life- school, job, their interests, relationships, their commitments, all if it- with the investment you know that they are capable of.

For many young people, there’s one question standing in the way: How? How can I find a college I’m actually interested in? How can I land a job that energizes me and still keeps the lights on? How can I take pride in the life I’m living? In our increasingly diverse and specialized world, kids have more decisions to make than ever before. As industries are disrupted and career paths are redefined, it has become harder and harder for young people to identify their passions and leverage their talents to build a fulfilling personal and professional life. Furthermore, once they find their path, they’ll need the grit and resilience to continue forward, and pick themselves up in the face of adversity, day after day.

At Causeway Collaborative, we’ve seen class valedictorians, college graduates, and students from all walks of life struggle to navigate high school, college, and adulthood, all of them unsure about who they are and what they want to do with their lives. We’ve thought a great deal about how to address this growing epidemic of uncertainty. Our perspective is that young men need a revamped, pragmatic approach to career development and counseling. We’ve built and honed that approach in our relationships with hundreds of young men and their families.

Futures Planning, provides a personalized curriculum to help young men develop introspection and cultivate self awareness. We provide support in helping them identify their strengths and interests, and bolster their skills in areas that may be holding them back. Every one of our experienced coaches brings a wealth of knowledge, backed by the support of our dedicated, cooperative team. By combining Causeway’s proprietary skills-based approach with a curriculum focused on personal development leading to real-world results, Futures Planning provides our clients with the skillset, drive, and confidence they will need to determine and achieve their goals.