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Mini Modules - Navigating College Administrations
Mini Modules - Navigating College Administrations

Transfer Process

These shorter modules can be deployed as needed for clients looking to register for courses at a community college or initiate the transfer process. Each objective can be a useful lesson in EF skills as well – students will need to keep track of multiple deadlines and work efficiently to stay on track. While attention should still be paid to the process being employed and the transferable skills that the client can learn, these sessions will necessarily be more oriented towards a more tangible product and focus more on being productive in sessions to ensure that important administrative tasks are completed. Consider adding a Course Registration block for a college-aged Academic EF client who is not enrolled in courses or a Transfer block for an Academic EF client who is struggling to fit in at his current school. 

Week 1 - Laying the Groundwork
  • Client will complete the SDS profile exercise if he has not already done so; client can review the report prior to the next session
  • Client will be able to articulate the factors that are leading him to consider a transfer and the framework he will use to determine which schools to apply to for a transfer
  • Client will update his resume based on his present circumstances if he not already done so
  • Client will complete a free write of a personal statement indicating his rationale for seeking a transfer and goals for the next step in his educational journey
  • Consider the reasons that are leading the client to seek a transfer
    • Are there underlying EF or mental health issues that would be better supported at another institution?
    • Are there challenges that are likely to persist from one institution to another?
  • Research a few potential schools that might be a good fit for the client based on your knowledge of his interests and learning profile
Week 2 - Selecting Schools
  • Client will develop a list of schools to which he is interested in transferring 
  • Client will create a tracker or spreadsheet detailing the major deadlines and application requirements for each school
  • Client will revise his personal statement draft and begin to craft any additional essays required for his applications
  • Provide edits and feedback on the clients personal statement draft (can be done outside of session)
  • Conduct some preliminary research on important deadlines and preview school websites to determine where important information might be found
Week 3 - Applying for Transfer
  • Client will set up profiles for his transfer application(s) and submit all required materials
  • Client will identify any supplemental materials (transcripts, recommendations, etc) that he may need to obtain via his current institution or his high school
  • Client will update his tracker based on his progress and note any remaining tasks to be completed with his coach or on his own
  • Review the client’s personal statement to ensure it is ready to submit
  • Complete due diligence and have the client display confirmation messages for all submitted materials - trust, but verify!
  • Determine whether the client is ready to complete any outstanding steps on his own; encourage the client to reflect on his process and identify any tools (tracker, freewriting, timelines, etc.) that may be beneficial to him in other areas