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From live events to podcasts, we actively engage the community to better ourselves and our clients.

Helpful Resources For Parents

Kids’ Obsession with Fortnite is not an Addiction

Kids' Obsession with Fortnite is Not an Addiction The word “Fortnite” has rapidly inserted itself into almost every parent’s vocabulary in recent years, whether or not your son plays the game himself.  When kids are spending so much time on one thing, especially a video game, it is normal for parents to worry, and it is common for video games to become the centerpiece of all power struggles in [...]

Podcast: Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Podcast: Unlocking Us with Brené Brown In her ironically timed introductory podcast during the Coronavirus global pandemic, world renowned social worker and TED talk speaker Brené Brown advises listeners on how to normalize the human condition of trying new things, how to gain perspective, and recognize the importance of reality checking just how hard doing new things can be. To listen to the podcast, click here. BACK [...]

Getting In to College Doesn’t Mean Students Are Ready to Go

Here, the Causeway Team shares a helpful perspective by Lisa Damour for navigating a common topic of conversation for the families whom we serve: college readiness.  As senior year winds down, many young men disengage from the academic process during the last semester of high school.  However, the behaviors they engage in can often outline some concerns that provide insight into future performance at the next phase of life. [...]

Podcast: Westport Family Counseling hosts the guys from Causeway Collaborative

Podcast: Westport Family Counseling hosts the guys from Causeway Collaborative Nicholas Strouse talks with Vince Benevento and his colleagues who have formed a team to help young men who may have lost their way. Over the course of the podcast, they explore a crisis that many young men are facing: the inability to find an identity as a man, and an inertia that has stalled the ability to [...]

Returning to School: What Parents Need to Know

In this original article, Vince Benevento highlights the ways in students can make a healthy transition to the new school year. Often, a new calendar year can generate heightened anxiety and stimulate stress, both for students and their families. As part of this piece, Vince offers suggestions for families as to how to help in more effectively navigating the process. Returning to School: What Parents Need to Know [...]

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