Podcast: Exploring Personal Growth and Leadership

Join hosts Vince, Gina, and Nicole as they tackle personal growth, leadership, and navigating life’s hurdles while reinforcing Causeway’s mission to guide young men through mentorship, coaching, and therapy.



Nicole starts the podcast with her insights on leadership: 

“Leadership can look in a variety of different ways. Being graceful is leadership. There are other ways to be a leader that aren’t loud,” she says. This challenges the typical boisterous leadership style, showing the power of grace and subdued confidence.


Vince shares his continuous journey towards self-improvement, noting:

“Work is constant. And just when you believe that you’ve arrived in one way, there are five other things you need to mop up that came behind you.” His candidness illustrates that personal growth is a never-ending journey through perpetual learning and adaptation.


Gina addresses the common challenge of juggling control with life’s unpredictability:

“My need to control things… that’s actually not how life works,” she says.


Vince’s own story of battling substance abuse and mental health issues is poignant. He describes his tumultuous teenage years while reflecting on the struggles many young men encounter. 

“I was a stereotypical meathead jock in high school… The chaos that was present in my life at the time, I think, manifested itself in terms of my head and my headspace,” he describes.


This episode also discusses how parenting plays a significant role in guiding young men, 

“Exercise the authority that you have in the life of your child. Your decisions are yours and yours alone with respect to your relationship with your kid,” Vince advises. This points to the crucial impact of parental decisions, unswayed by external influences.


Gina then admits her challenges with control by showcasing the universal parenting journey of balancing guidance and letting go: 

“I learned some ugly stuff about myself that I don’t love… Like my need to control things,” she says.


The episode adeptly balances autonomy and connectedness in family dynamics, a vital guide for parents. Vince shares his own evolution self through the years, proving the importance of ongoing self-growth.


The episode concludes by highlighting the power of embracing vulnerability and change. Vince, Nicole, and Gina’s stories of growth and resilience offer a compelling and relatable narrative.


Whether you’re a parent seeking understanding or a young man searching for direction, this episode of Causeway Conversations is an invaluable resource. Join this journey of understanding and support and discover the profound impact of empathy and experience in shaping young men’s lives.

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