Podcast: Understanding Anger in Young Men: Beyond the Surface Emotions

Welcome to another great episode of Causeway Conversations, where Vince, Nicole, and Gina dissect the misunderstood emotion of anger in young men. They dive into its underlying causes such as fear and confusion, and the transformative power of understanding, communication, and patience in addressing it.



The discussion begins with an insightful look into how anger often masks deeper emotions. Vince illuminates, “I think it’s fear, mostly. To me, anger is the outward expression of unresolved fear… So fear, confusion, those are typically the sources.”

Nicole adds depth to the conversation by highlighting the importance of recognizing anger as a normal human emotion. “It’s okay that your kid’s angry, that’s not a problem; how can you help him be with that anger or teach him to manage it in a way where it’s not explosive?”

The episode also addresses the critical role parents play in guiding their sons through the challenges of anger. Vince shares a poignant story, emphasizing the need for patience and understanding, “After you do that a thousand times, then come back to me and tell me it didn’t work… You’ll never be deterred from trying and wanting to have a relationship with your kid.”


Drawing on their extensive experience, our hosts discuss practical strategies for both young men and their parents to navigate and resolve anger. The conversation offers a roadmap for fostering emotional intelligence and resilience, from validating emotions to teaching constructive expression.

As the episode wraps up, Vince and Nicole extend a heartfelt call to action, urging listeners to approach anger with empathy and openness. “Anger’s pattern behavior… it’s important for whoever is a bystander to that, or a supporter of that, to try to draw out what is the root cause underneath, because there usually is one,” Vince reflects.

This episode offers expert insights, relatable examples, and actionable advice. Vince, Nicole, and Gina encourage us to embrace a more compassionate and proactive approach to supporting young men through their emotional journeys.


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