Therapeutic Mentorship

Is your son stuck?

Has your son been withdrawn from you and your family? Maybe he spends too much time outside of the house. Maybe he isolates himself in his room. Maybe he is depressed or anxious and struggling to come to grips with his illness. Maybe he has run into trouble at school, and perhaps even with the law, but despite the consequences of his poor decision making, he continues to engage in destructive behaviors. Whatever the case, answers are not easy to come by. A partnership with Causeway Collaborative will offer more than answers; we will provide solutions, using our experience and expertise to address the situation and hone an individualized development plan for your son.

Causeway Collaborative provides guidance that extends beyond our offices, into the real world. In addition to regular in-office mentorship and guidance, our Therapeutic Mentors accompany their clients as they apply for jobs, visit local schools to sign up for courses, and juggle newfound responsibilities. In the process, our mentors also serve as models for developing productive habits and behaviors. Our approach also draws on recreational pursuits like making music, playing sports, lifting weights, or creating artwork as a means of promoting health and balance. We strive to connect with young men on their level and help them execute the goals that they have set out to accomplish.

By developing a connection and establishing trust, our Therapeutic Mentors are able to instill the motivation that leads to meaningful, enduring change. Masters of a team-oriented approach, our clinicians are the facilitators of a genuinely cooperative work environment that engages all of the talents and passions each of our mentors brings to the table.