Our Services

When talking is going nowhere, we’re somewhere that can help.

The Causeway Approach

Real-world mentorship. Candid coaching. Practical therapy. All focused on young men and the academic, career and mental health challenges they face.


We make it personal

Talk therapy alone isn’t enough. That’s why our team works with young men and their families to create individualized, multi-faceted plans that include life-skills mentoring, career and academic coaching, and practical therapy.


The influence of a team

Constant communication is vital to young men as they move through big personal challenges and change. We stay in close touch with our clients, sharing progress, discussing changes, and fine-tuning every client’s plan of action.


A man among men

Our all-male team of mentors, coaches, and counselors are experienced mental health professionals. We’ve studied and lived what our clients are going through. When you’ve been there and done that, you know how to inspire change.

Services for Young Men

Individual action plans designed to get young men back on life's highway.

Future Planning

Futures planning is career and academic support to help young men identify the longer term vision for their life and their academic goals, and provide the skills and deliverables to assist in executing.


Causeway collaborative offers practical, evidence-based treatment to help young men unpack the issues in their life and develop go-forward strategies to become healthier, more productive, better adjusted versions of themselves.

Therapeutic Mentorship

Mentorship is real world, experiential therapy, practiced outside of the four walls of the Causeway offices. Young men learn essential wellness practices, rehearse independent living skills, and explore the interpersonal domain of their worlds to help develop.


Causeway offers on demand counseling, mentorship, and futures planning, available to you wherever you are. Your program can be customized in terms of frequency, intensity, and duration of sessions to help you meet your identified goals.

Services for Parents & Families

Causeway provides additional supports to families as an integral part of the work we do with young men.

In serving the needs of young men, Causeway Collaborative has identified the essentiality of addressing issues within the family system. Working through conflict and eliminating the barriers impeding a young man’s development are essential to a improving the quality of the relationships within a family. In order for a young man to progress towards achieving his best self, the full participation of a client, as well as his family is required, particularly in cases wherein an emerging adult male is residing at home. Engaging in a therapeutic approach incorporating both the parents and the identified young man can be the most effective means of ensuring the growth, development, and the successful achievement of young man’s goals.


“Causeway Collaborative provides invaluable services to families and individuals struggling to find direction. I am sober today largely in part to the services provided by Vince and the team at Causeway.”

“Truly a life changing experience through Causeway. I will never forget the people and lessons learned throughout my time working here.”

“Of all the counseling I have received, Causeway has been the most professional. I found the professionalism to be very encouraging.”