Our Team

A Man Among Men

We take pride in our all-male team who bring an array of professional and personal experiences to provide our clients with the best care and results.

Vince Benevento

Founder and Director

As Director and Founder of Causeway Collaborative, Vince leads and provides direct service for all three specialized teams with the goal of helping students, young professionals, and those who are struggling to plan for the future and to realize their potential

Justin Carotti


Justin brings an invaluable range of experiences in different milieus to the Causeway Collaborative team, experiences defined by an unwavering passion, a commitment to excellence in his work, and dedication to those he serves.

Andy Marcoccia

PhD – Director, West Hartford

Andy Marcoccia’s extensive background within the field serves as a reflection of his lifelong commitment to continued learning and personal development. Andy also oversees the intake and onboarding process at Causeway Collaborative, which effectively helps to build programs catered to meeting the individual needs of clients

Stephan Genovese


Stephan’s educational and clinical training brings a diverse mix of evidence-based practices with a dynamic approach, providing an authentic goal-oriented process for the young men he works with

Nick Fernandes


Nick brings a combination of clinical training, personal experience, unwavering commitment and enthusiasm to his work with clients and families. Through his dedication, Nick aspires to assist young men in navigating life’s transitions

Derio Rivera


Working in both educational and mental health facilities, Derio brings an array of experiences working with diverse populations. He is constantly exploring new ways to find interventions to guide clients and their families in improving their lives.

John-Tyler Markette


John’s education and experience in substance abuse and mental health facilities as well as his commitment to the personal growth of young men offers an integrated approach unique to each client and family

Jonathan Miller


Jon Miller is a Therapeutic Mentor at Causeway Collaborative. He brings excitement and commitment to a present-centered approach to serving his clients and supporting them in becoming better versions of themselves

Anthony James Rinaldi


Anthony Rinaldi is a mental health clinician and a Futures Coach at Causeway Collaborative. His extensive history of working with adolescents and emerging adults is rooted in his compassion and desire to empower young men to reach their full potential.

Chris Nunno


Chris is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Therapeutic Mentor who knows how crucial it is to have a positive role model in your life. His past experiences as a mental health worker has inspired him to be a guide for young men trying to find a healthy path to adulthood and fulfillment.

Tyler Harrington


Tyler's background as a high school educator and experiences in residential settings provided him with a unique foundation in working with a diverse population of young men. Tyler works for the little victories because he knows confidence is built brick by brick. He loves watching guys light up when they succeed and realize what they're truly capable of.

Charlie Barrett


Charlie is a Licensed Social Worker with more than 14 years serving diverse and vulnerable populations. His enthusiasm and experience fuels his work to help young men find the confidence, compassion, and potential within them and to develop these qualities for the betterment of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Gina Benevento

Business Manager

With over 15 years of business experience, Gina has partnered with husband Vince over the last decade to make Causeway a destination for struggling young men to engage in mental health services—and discover their passion for life. As a mom to two young boys, Gina is driven by the opportunity to provide distressed moms with hope, knowing their sons are taking the first step in a life-changing journey.

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