We take pride in having a team with an array of professional experiences that helps provide our clients with the best care and results.

VINCE BENEVENTOLPC, Director and Founder
As Director and Founder of Causeway Collaborative, Vince leads and provides direct service for all three specialized teams with the goal of helping students, young professionals, and those who are struggling to plan for the future and to realize their potential.
JUSTIN CAROTTILicensed Clinical Social Worker
Justin brings an invaluable range of experiences in different milieus to the Causeway Collaborative team, experiences defined by an unwavering passion, a commitment to excellence in his work, and dedication to those he serves.
DAVID GOFMANM.A., Licensed Professional Counselor
A commitment to flexibility, presence, authenticity, and compassion compliments David Gofman’s diverse training and personal experiences to help him bring enthusiasm and energy to everything that he does.
ANDY MARCOCCIALicensed Clinical Psychologist
Andy Marcoccia’s extensive background within the field serves as a reflection of his lifelong commitment to continued learning and personal development. Andy also oversees the intake and onboarding process at Causeway Collaborative, which effectively helps to build programs catered to meeting the individual needs of clients.
STEPHAN GENOVESELicensed Professional Counselor
Stephan’s educational and clinical training brings a diverse mix of evidence-based practices with a dynamic approach, providing an authentic goal-oriented process for the young men he works with.
NICK FERNANDESLicensed Clinical Social Worker
Nick brings a combination of clinical training, personal experience, unwavering commitment and enthusiasm to his work with clients and families. Through his dedication, Nick aspires to assist young men in navigating life’s transitions
DERIO RIVERALicensed Professional Counselor Associate
Working in both educational and mental health facilities, Derio brings an array of experiences working with diverse populations. He is constantly exploring new ways to find interventions to guide clients and their families in improving their lives.
GINA BENEVENTOBusiness Manager
Throughout her tenure in corporate America, Gina Benevento has managed the marketing, financial, and business development efforts for Causeway Collaborative. She brings 10+ years of brand management and business consulting experience to her role as Business Manager at Causeway.

Expert Guidance

Since its inception, Causeway Collaborative has worked to earn the trust of the local community that it serves. Through a truly collaborative approach to service delivery and a diligent effort to function as a resource to Fairfield County at large, Causeway has distinguished itself as the place for young men to seek support.

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We are only as successful as the parents and sons that we help. We have helped hundreds of families get back on track – here are some words from the parents themselves.

All the gentlemen were caring, helpful, and professional in dealing with us and our son.

My family was helped considerably during a very difficult time and the counseling and guidance my husband and I received while our son was in residential treatment, and while we were planning for next steps, was invaluable to our being where we are today.

EXCELLENT….There should be a Causeway in every town and State. Our kids are under so much pressure – they all could use a little positive reinforcement in life.

The philosophy is fitting for boys between 18-25. It was a great resource until we had to move to a higher level of care

Causeway provided services that we parents were ill equipped to provide for our son in order to help him present himself in a positive light to employers, and feel proud of himself in the process.

We had such a positive experience with CC. Every step of our son’s process of evolving was communicated well to us and let us be a part of the process without taking away from him feeling completely independent of our involvement. He is more confident, focussed and engaged… The relationships that we all formed because of their work together has brought us all to a greater level of understanding and communicating with our son. Priceless.


Here are some words from the clients themselves, the sons, the young men that we’ve helped.

Causeway Collaborative helped me in a way that a lot of other therapy programs failed to do or fell short of succeeding in. I was not only able to receive the therapy I needed but to tie in the mentoring and planning services to help me get back on me feet in a practical sense. It was an experience that I would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone that I knew was struggling in life and looking for a different recovery approach than just therapy.

Causeway Collaborative is fantastic. I went into it with the mindset of getting it over with as quick as possible, but instead it quickly became the at which I grew and learned so much.

Causeway offered me extraordinary services that have helped me accomplish goals I didn’t believe I’d be able to at this point last year. Everyone there was supportive and understanding of my situation and I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done.

Causeway was an awesome experience as a whole. It was a little weird at first getting used to telling these people all about myself and letting them give me advice but they are all great people who helped me feel unjudged and justified.

The entire team at Causeway is nothing short of incredible. I am now in a place where I never envisioned myself at. The guys are the most professional, and caring individuals I have ever met. I cannot put into exact words how happy I am to have worked with them.

It is very difficult to describe the services provided to me as they were a part of a huge transformative period in my life. I do not know if it would have been possible without the help of causeway, but I know for sure that I am much better off now than I was when we started. I found all of my sessions helpful and I know they fostered a better relationship with my parents than I have had before. For that at a minimum I believe it was worthwhile.

Causeway collaborative helped me to regain control of my own life. When I started there, I was convinced nothing would ever pan out for me. The guys at causeway helped me realize how wrong I was…. Now I’m going back to college, I have a full time job, and a beautiful and supportive girlfriend. My time spent at causeway was invaluable to me.

I would strongly recommend, and have recommended, Causeway to anybody in need of any sort of therapy or life coaching. My experience was a pivotal stepping stone for personal growth.

If a friend was looking for guidance, help with future planning, a boost to get their life on track, I would recommend Causeway.

Working with my mentor at Causeway Collaborative felt less like a service and more like a having a friend who was helping me get my life back on track.

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