Therapeutic Mentorship for Young Men in CT & NY

Real world mentorship for the real world.

Is your son stuck? Our Therapeutic Mentors will connect with him where he’s at. We’ll help him strengthen his interpersonal skills and introduce him to wellness practices that spark lasting change. We’ll walk beside him outside Causeway’s walls as he pursues his social, career, and life goals.

Is Your Son’s World Shrinking?

Is your son withdrawn? Does he isolate in his room or avoid family and home altogether?

Maybe you’ve noticed that he’s depressed or anxious and struggling to come to grips with his illness. He may have run into trouble at school, or even with the law. And consequences don’t seem to matter—he keeps on engaging in self-destructive behaviors. Whatever’s going on, there don’t seem to be any answers.

Partnering to Create Solutions

At Causeway, we partner with young men to move beyond answers. We create solutions. Our team of experienced Mentors focuses on getting to know who your son is. We target issues he’s grappling with and develop a custom plan tailored to his growth and development needs.

Making it real
Causeway’s Therapeutic Mentorship program is real world stuff. It’s experience-based therapy that happens outside Causeway’s four walls. A Therapeutic Mentor will build trust with your son. The Mentor will walk him to the door as he applies for jobs, visits local schools to sign up for courses, and juggles new responsibilities. Causeway Mentors offer real-time feedback, and model habits and behaviors that help clients move through everyday challenges effectively.  And the Mentor offers the broader team at the office insights that bring our services more in line with your son’s practical needs.

It’s not all hard work.
Your son will learn wellness practices, work on independent living skills, and build interpersonal abilities that lead to a healthier social life. But our approach also draws on recreation. We incorporate fun stuff like music-making, sports, weightlifting, and art creation to boost well-being and balance.

The Causeway Difference - Taking it to the Streets

The Causeway team connects with young men on their level to help them achieve their goals. At Causeway your son will have access to a team of clinically trained counsellors and mentors who foster trust and connection.

But that’s just the beginning. Causeway takes it out of the office. We walk your son through real world scenarios, so he can put what he’s learned into practice. A Causeway mentor will accompany your son into the community, in situations that create stress. The mentor acts as the eyes and ears of the treatment team. The discoveries that he and your son make together will help the team develop strategies to empower your son as he navigates future challenges.


“Truly a life changing experience through Causeway. I will never forget the people and lessons learned throughout my time working here.”

“EXCELLENT. I wish there was an equivalent service for girls as I would have used Causeway for my daughter too if it had been available. There should be a Causeway in every town and State. Our kids are under so much pressure – they all could use a little positive reinforcement in life.”

“Causeway Collaborative is fantastic. I went into it with the mindset of getting it over with as quick as possible, but instead it quickly became the at which I grew and learned so much.”

You've got Questions, We've Got Answers.

Q: What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is a Causeway community-based service. It provides real-world exposure and builds real-life experiences for your son. Our Mentors model behavior and teach him how to execute tasks and approach a vast array of circumstances as he encounters them in the community. In walking beside your son outside the office walls, his Causeway Mentor functions as the eyes and ears of the treatment team.

Q: What makes a good Mentor?

A good Mentor becomes an indispensable force in your son’s life. Mentors are teachers, coaches, confidants, and role models. By nature, a Causeway Mentor is flexible, trustworthy, reliable, and responsive. Your son’s Mentor should be the guy that he calls first when his girlfriend breaks up with him, when he’s stuck on the side of the road, when he’s got a question about his workout on shoulder day, or what the name of that Jimi Hendrix song was that he was listening to during last week’s session. Once this relationship has developed, anything is in bounds between your son and his Mentor.

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