About Us

When talking is going nowhere, we’re somewhere that can help.

The Causeway Approach

Causeway Collaborative is get-your-life-back-on-track counseling for guys 16-30 who need expert guidance to move forward and find their purpose.


We make it personal

Talk therapy alone doesn’t always work with young men. That’s why our team works with them and their families to create an individualized, multi-faceted plan that can include life-skills mentoring; career and academic coaching; and practical therapy.


The influence of a team

Constant communication is vital to helping young men work through big personal challenges and change. Our team members work in real time, regularly sharing progress, discussing changes, and fine tuning every client’s plan of action.


A man among men

Our all-male team of mentors, coaches, and counselors are mental health professionals who’ve studied and lived the same kinds of experiences as our clients. When you’ve been-there and done-that, you know how to inspire change.


Causeway – a road that rises above all others

From a one-man start-up with a vision of transforming the lives of young men at risk, Causeway Collaborative has flourished. We’re now a thriving firm spanning three service divisions and two geographical locations in the Fairfield County and West Hartford regions.

Find out more about the inspiration that gave rise to Causeway and how it evolved into a life-changing community of practice.


Causeway is a powerful, dynamic team of counselors, therapists and clinicians dedicated to serving the unique needs of young men 16 - 30 years of age.

At Causeway we unite our diverse range of backgrounds in the mental health, clinical, and education fields to serve your son. We know the shadows of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and family breakdown. We been there—and we know how to intervene. It’s our passion to lead the way forward, walking with your son as he moves through the tough places, discovers his path, dreams and goals, and develops the focus to follow through on them.

Our Offices

At Causeway we welcome your son into a light-filled, inviting environment where he can get comfortable, focus, and take advantage of all our services under one roof.