Futures Planning for
Young Men in CT & NY

Build a Future Worth Protecting

Is your son drifting off course? Our Futures Planning program will help him navigate the how-tos of his life, school and career goals as part of his long-term vision.


Does it seem like your son is adrift, like he’s not taking the wheel of the ship and steering it somewhere? You know he’s got drive and determination—you’ve seen it. But he doesn’t seem to be going after his dreams and goals or following through on his commitment to achieve them.

Why? For many young guys, there’s a massive wall in the way with HOW written all over it. How can I find a college I’m interested in? How can I land a job that I love and still keep food on the table? How can I take pride in the life I’m living? In this diverse and specialized world, kids have more decisions to make than ever before. Everything is changing at warp speed—industries and career paths are being reinvented, and we’re being bombarded with information from all directions.

Amidst all this, it’s hard for a young guy to zero in on his passion, much less focus his talents on building the personal and professional life he dreams of. And once he finds his path, he’ll need the grit to push forward. He’ll need the resilience to pick himself up and keep going, even on the toughest days.

Getting Personal. Pushing Beyond the How.

In our work with hundreds of young men and their families, Causeway has developed a fresh and practical approach to this epidemic of uncertainty.

Every young man has a passion he can wrap himself around, something he’s uniquely made to do. Our Futures Planning team will help him not only identify that passion–we’ll support him in bringing it to life. Causeway Futures Planning provides academic and career support from knowledgeable coaches who will help your son identify the long-term vision for his life. He’ll develop self-awareness by learning to look within.

The Causeway support team will get clarity with your son around his interests and values. Then we’ll guide him in developing the specific skills and strategies he needs to make his goals reality. That includes practical stuff like resume and cover letter writing, interview prep, and how to create a social media profile and marketing materials. It also extends to the in-person polish like network building and how to make a great elevator pitch.

But skills alone won’t help your son achieve the career he’s destined for. He needs to get good at process, too. We’ll hold him to structure and accountability as he moves through complex but necessary steps in the journey like his college and job applications.

The Causeway Difference.

Your typical career coach can help with a resume, a school plan, or keep your son organized in his academic work. But as clinicians and mental health professionals first, Causeway’s Futures Coaches have a unique understanding of your son’s mental health challenges. We can flow clinical information back to his mental health provider seamlessly—we’ve got this stuff in our bones.

At Causeway we personalize our program for every new client. It’s tailored to him. We take the time to ‘get’ who he is. Our focus is on his personal development, and that leads to real-world results. Futures Planning will provide your son with the skillset, drive, and confidence he needs to determine and achieve his goals.


“I believe I learned a lot in a short span of time working with Causeway and I feel that knowledge has helped me to gain a new sight of the world around me and myself in these past months.”

“EXCELLENT. I wish there was an equivalent service for girls as I would have used Causeway for my daughter too if it had been available. There should be a Causeway in every town and State. Our kids are under so much pressure – they all could use a little positive reinforcement in life.”

“I would absolutely recommend Causeway to anyone who needs help with their future. Without the help of Justin and Dave, I wouldn’t be living on my own right now, nor would I have the skills to secure my future.”

You've got Questions, We've Got Answers.

Q: What is Futures?

Futures is career and educational support. It focuses on meeting your son’s unique needs by supporting him as he pursues the goals and objectives he has identified for himself. The Causeway team helps your son clarify his broader plan, and then bolsters him in building the skills he needs to make that plan a reality.

Q: Can someone just do Futures as a stand-alone program?

Absolutely. If your son wants to focus solely on Futures, he will still need to complete the standard onboarding process with consult, intake, and feedback session(s). Then he can move forward with Futures. The only exception would be if the team identifies clinical concerns requiring therapy as part of a plan to ensure safe and effective care.

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