Corporate Services

Shaping a world where every young man can live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

More ways we can help

Causeway’s work doesn’t end with our three core services to young men and their families. Causeway believes in building Community.

Through Speaking Engagements and Professional Services consulting, we reach out to support and inspire our community partners in shaping a world where every young man can live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Speaking Engagements

In addition to our thriving private practice, it’s our pleasure to share our inspiration with the education and counseling communities.

Since 2012, Vince and the Causeway Team have delivered our message at more than 100 speaking engagements. Our audiences have ranged from a half-dozen to more than 1250. Events span local back-to-school nights and panel discussions to Causeway-sponsored community functions and talks to large student groups at high schools.

From our beginnings as a fledging start-up to an established, well-respected service provider within the tri-state marketplace, Causeway Collaborative has remained true to our vision of “every young man living a fulfilling and meaningful life.” Our empowering, evidence-based approach to serving young men and their families changes lives, and we embrace opportunities to tell our story. If you’d like to have Vince or another member of the team speak at your school or organization, contact us today to talk about your goals and objectives.

Professional Services

Is your business inspired by Causeway’s vision of a world where every young man lives a fulfilling and meaningful life? Talk to us about our Professional Services.

Causeway Collaborative consults with educational and public institutions throughout the northeast. We provide staff development, customized curriculum, direct service programming, and transition supports for both students and staff. If you’re excited about making these themes part of your educational programming for the upcoming school year, get in touch. Causeway would be pleased to discuss your goals and objectives.


“Causeway Collaborative helped save my sons life. He was struggling with addiction and they helped us realize this and come up with a plan for him. We couldn’t have done this without CC.”

“It is very difficult to describe the services provided to me as they were a part of a huge transformative period in my life. I do not know if it would have been possible without the help of Causeway, but I know for sure that I am much better off now than I was when we started. I found all of my sessions helpful and I know they fostered a better relationship with my parents than I have had before. For that at a minimum I believe it was worthwhile.”

“Causeway mentor helped my son build confidence, speak about things he would not speak with the family. They developed a relationship that gave my son confidence, and sense of security that someone was listening to his feelings.”