Equipping young men with the support & guidance they need to move forward.

Is your son struggling? Our Counseling program will help him build trust in self and others so he can get at the root causes of his issues. We’ll support him in developing go-forward strategies for a more balanced, healthy, and productive life.


Has your son been on a rocky road with school and other commitments?

Is he unsure about his future, while many of his friends have moved on to college or to post-grad jobs? Maybe you’ve run into roadblocks with communication, and he’s angry, disengaged, anxious, or depressed and behaving in ways that concern you. One thing’s certain—he’s not going where either you or he thought he would. He’s stuck.

Connecting to step out of the struggle

Our Causeway counselors are master connection-builders. We establish trust with young men who resist others’ efforts to reach out. In a service field where guys show up for their appointments less than half the time, our clients attend sessions over 91% of the time. The young men who come to Causeway not only engage with our counselors; they buy in big to the work we do together.

We’ll partner with your son, get to know him for the man he is, and help him address the root cause or causes of his issues so he can begin to move forward.

Causeway Collaborative’s individual counseling program is tailored specifically to young men ages 16-30. This program will provide your son with the support and guidance he needs to better understand himself as he moves towards independence. 

The bedrock of our approach is the deep examination of thought, action, and identity. Every client has unique needs, issues, and ways of expressing himself. Causeway counselors are intuitive, and we’re also practical. We ask questions others may not have thought to ask. We listen to your son and help him unpack the answers. We support him in developing custom strategies that foster lasting change, so he can be healthier, better adjusted, and more productive. Together, we offer your son the tools he needs to live a life you can both be proud of.

The Causeway Difference – Personalized Programs Catered to His Exact Needs

When your son comes to Causeway, we bring him onboard with a unique 4-phase process.

We engage him in a profound series of clinical interviews and assessments designed to help our team understand who he is as a person. We craft a custom program just for him, focused on his goals and targeting the issues he is experiencing.


“Vince was an important lifeline for our family during a very troubled time. He is realistic, direct, enthusiastic, and empowers his clients to make better choices for themselves while supporting the family dynamic. John was excellent at relating to our son and building trust for productive sessions. ”

“Before finding causeway I was frustrated and lost. I am so thrilled to have their insight, perspective and direction. THANK YOU!!”

“I believe I learned a lot in a short span of time working with Causeway and I feel that knowledge has helped me to gain a new sight of the world around me and myself in these past months.”

You've got Questions, We've Got Answers.

Q: How long is a typical session?

A session lasts 50-55 minutes, regardless of service type. The only exception would be community-based Mentorship blocks, that are often closer to two hours in length.

Q: How many meetings will I have in a week?

That depends. On average, clients work with Causeway 2 to 3 times/week. However frequency is always determined by client need.

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