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Is your son struggling? Is your family in need of support? Our team of counselors, therapists, and mentors in West Hartford, CT will help you and your family navigate the challenges that come with your son adjusting to adulthood. We'll support him in developing go-forward strategies for a more balanced, healthy and productive life.

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Nestled in the heart of West Hartford, Connecticut, Causeway’s West Hartford location offers therapy & mentorship programs for young men and their families in the vibrant and diverse community that defines this picturesque town. With its tree-lined streets, historic charm, and a thriving cultural scene, West Hartford provides an ideal setting for our holistic approach to supporting the emotional and mental well-being of young men. Surrounded by acclaimed schools, parks, and a tight-knit community, our counseling program takes advantage of the town’s welcoming atmosphere to create a nurturing space for personal growth and development. As young men navigate life’s transitions through adolescence and adulthood, our dedicated team of counselors, mentors and therapists draws inspiration from the dynamic backdrop of West Hartford, fostering resilience, building meaningful connections, and guiding these individuals towards a future marked by strength, self-discovery, and success.

The Causeway Approach

Real-world mentorship. Candid coaching. Practical therapy. All focused on young men and the academic, career and mental health challenges they face.


We make it personal

Talk therapy alone isn’t enough. That’s why our team works with young men and their families to create individualized, multi-faceted plans that include life-skills mentoring, career and academic coaching, and practical therapy.


The influence of a team

Constant communication is vital to young men as they move through big personal challenges and change. We stay in close touch with our clients, sharing progress, discussing changes, and fine-tuning every client’s plan of action.


A man among men

Our all-male team of mentors, coaches, and counselors are experienced mental health professionals. We’ve studied and lived what our clients are going through. When you’ve been there and done that, you know how to inspire change.

Counsleing & Therapy Services for Young Men

Individual action plans designed to get young men back on life's highway.

Future Planning

Futures planning is career and academic support to help young men identify the longer term vision for their life and their academic goals, and provide the skills and deliverables to assist in executing.


Causeway collaborative offers practical, evidence-based treatment to help young men unpack the issues in their life and develop go-forward strategies to become healthier, more productive, better adjusted versions of themselves.

Therapeutic Mentorship

Mentorship is real world, experiential therapy, practiced outside of the four walls of the Causeway offices. Young men learn essential wellness practices, rehearse independent living skills, and explore the interpersonal domain of their worlds to help develop.

Family Therapy

Causeway requires both client and family to be all in on this journey, especially when you live together in one home. That’s why Causeway Family Therapy engages you and your son to work together to improve your communication and move through conflict to cooperation.

Serving Young Men in West Hartford, CT

At Causeway, we believe that action is the antidote to inertia. A young man is not the problem. He is the solution. He has the insight and understanding within him that he needs to succeed. The Causeway team in West Hartford collaborates with young guys to stimulate new ways of thinking and being. Working together, our all-male crew leads young men along the high road to becoming who they are meant to be.


“The people at Causeway were incredibly helpful, beyond what I could have asked for. They accommodated to my schedule, and even helped set up adjusted payments for my family during our times of financial hardship. They truly wanted to help me and that showed in every session.”

“Truly a life changing experience through Causeway. I will never forget the people and lessons learned throughout my time working here.”

“I have changed a lot since my first time at Causeway Collaborative, and I’m so proud of where I am now. They truly do things the right way.”

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