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To empower young men to achieve a better understanding of themselves, and to effectively navigate life’s transitions.


Every young man living a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Growth Minded
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Our Beliefs

Empower a young man with self-understanding, and he can weather any storm.

Causeway’s mission is to support every client to understand who he is and what he can achieve. That kind of self-awareness is a true journey of discovery, and Causeway’s experienced counseling team will be with your son every step of the way. We’ll introduce him to tools he can rely on to navigate life’s big transitions. We’ll guide him to call on his own creativity and strengths as he moves through his root issues and finds his path forward.

Every young man is meant to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Everyone gets stuck sometimes. It is human to struggle. At Causeway our all-male counselling team has lived experience of what your son is going through. Our counselors are trained and practiced guides who understand not only how to meet him just as he is in the moment, but how to support him in reaching his full potential as he evolves into his future.

We’re real, we’re humble, and we can see your son for who he is.

At Causeway we know what it takes to transform a life. We’ve each walked that path ourselves. When your son is in a dark place, we’ve got the grit to dig in with him and explore the things that are hard – the things that take determination and courage to heal. Your son’s growth is our paramount goal. We’re not here to judge him or lecture him. We’re here to focus our team’s understanding, intuition, and knowledge on lighting his way forward.


“I believe I learned a lot in a short span of time working with Causeway and I feel that knowledge has helped me to gain a new sight of the world around me and myself in these past months.”

“Before finding causeway I was frustrated and lost. I am so thrilled to have their insight, perspective and direction. THANK YOU!!”

“Causeway is a resource that we were so lucky to have in our son’s life. They were instrumental (especially his therapist, Stephan) in helping our son become independent, productive and motivated. They were key in his overall success in applying/entering and participating in college.”