Flexible support aligned with your son's goals and lifestyle.

Does your son need counseling, mentorship, and futures planning services he can access anywhere—at home, in his dorm room, on vacation? Causeway can make that happen—on demand.

We’re here for your son—wherever and whenever he needs us.

Causeway Telehealth delivers on demand counseling, mentorship, and futures planning direct to your son, wherever he is. We’ll customize his program for frequency, intensity, and duration of sessions to help him meet his personal goals. 

Why Telehealth is so amazing

Our portable program allows for continuity of care for your son

He doesn’t have to switch healthcare teams if he’s away at school—or if he moves somewhere new. Our team of coaches, mentors, and therapists will serve up his care in quarter-hour increments on a flexible weekday or evening schedule up to 9 p.m. We roll up our sleeves and take a learning-based approach. We’re here to help your son dig into his goals and objectives in the moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s outside scheduled session times. When questions or challenges come up, we’re just a call or a click away.

The Causeway Difference.

Telehealth is completely portable, à la carte care—whether your son is out and about, in his dorm room, or at home.

He can access what he needs from the Causeway service menu at his convenience. This means he can apply lessons and tips in real time, with feedback from his coaches and mentors. And Causeway doesn’t limit him to a minimum amount of time weekly. Your son can make the ideal service picks to serve his goals and lifestyle on any given week.


“Vince was an important lifeline for our family during a very troubled time. He is realistic, direct, enthusiastic, and empowers his clients to make better choices for themselves while supporting the family dynamic. John was excellent at relating to our son and building trust for productive sessions. ”

“After working with several therapists who struggled to meet our family dynamic of challenges, it was such a relief to start working with Vince & Nick. Their no nonsense, good cop, bad cop approach was perfectly suited to our family needs. They also are two of the most articulate men I have ever encountered (in general) which is a testimony to their true skillset as therapists. I also like that they come from personal experience, as troubled teens themselves.”

“Truly a life changing experience through Causeway. I will never forget the people and lessons learned throughout my time working here.”

You've got Questions, We've Got Answers.

Q: What’s a typical session look like?

Therapy is a 50-minute session involving identifying, addressing, and eliminating mental health concerns.

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