Chris Nunno

Licensed Master of Social Work

Chris Nunno is a Licensed Master Social Work and Therapeutic Mentor who knows how crucial it is to have a positive role model in your life. Chris honed his skills in crisis management, intervention, and de-escalation for more than 3 years as a mental health worker across foster care, special ed and residential treatment settings. He understands what it’s like to lose friends to addiction. This has inspired him to be a guide for young men trying to find a healthy path to adulthood and fulfillment. He loves that moment when a client starts trusting himself to take risks and makes his first steps towards independence.

Chris boasts experience in varied settings across the continuum of care. His graduate training showcases placements in elementary, middle, and high school settings, affording full-cycle exposure to the supports offered to students throughout their experiences in public education. Upon graduation, Chris worked to further sharpen his skills and training in the residential placement setting of Boys and Girls Village. Therein, Chris relied upon a proficiency in crisis management, de-escalation techniques, and intervention protocols to support a safe environment of effective care for young men and women suffering with acute clinical need. Chris brings to Causeway Collaborative in his role as Therapeutic Mentor a keen knowledge of the educational process and supports necessary for young men to succeed and a desire to affect change in the lives of individuals who suffer mentally, emotionally, and interpersonally.