Gina Benevento, CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Business Manager

Gina Benevento brings 10+ years of brand management and business consulting experience to her role as Business Manager at Causeway Collaborative. She holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern Business School. Gina and her husband, Vince, co-launched Causeway in 2012, with Gina’s efforts around brand development, marketing, finance, and business development serving instrumental to the the company’s initial growth and expansion.
Gina initiated her career at Pepperidge Farm, where she rapidly ascended upward in a variety of different marketing and international business roles. Most notably, Gina was responsible for overseeing the marketing efforts for the Goldfish Brand, serving as a liaison between advertisers, consumers, and manufacturers. Thereafter, she took over as a Brand Manager for Popcorn Indiana, and later the Director of Business Development. Gina oversaw the strategic growth initiatives resulting in not only the significant growth of revenue for the brand during her tenure, but helped lead efforts resulting in the private equity transaction of the successfully sale of the company to Eagle Foods in 2018. Gina remained on staff at Eagle to help facilitate the company’s transition and helped advise the Leadership Team regarding marketplace insights and product development.
Throughout her tenure in corporate America, Gina has managed the marketing, financial, and business development efforts for Causeway Collaborative. Currently, her full-time role at Causeway as Business Manager allows her to save as the first point of contact for all families in receiving information about programs and services. Gina also handles all HR, finance, and data analytics for the organization.