Mentorship & Therapy for Young Men in CT & NY

When talking is going nowhere, we’re somewhere that can help.

Causeway Collaborative.
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Causeway's Impact

Changing Lives

Causeway Collaborative is get-your-life-back-on-track counseling for guys 16-30 who need expert guidance to move forward and find their purpose.

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The Causeway Approach

Real-world mentorship. Candid coaching. Practical therapy. All focused on young men and the academic, career and mental health challenges they face.


We make it personal

Talk therapy alone isn’t enough. That’s why our team works with young men and their families to create individualized, multi-faceted plans that include life-skills mentoring, career and academic coaching, and practical therapy.


The influence of a team

Constant communication is vital to young men as they move through big personal challenges and change. We stay in close touch with our clients, sharing progress, discussing changes, and fine-tuning every client’s plan of action.


A man among men

Our all-male team of mentors, coaches, and counselors are experienced mental health professionals. We’ve studied and lived what our clients are going through. When you’ve been there and done that, you know how to inspire change.

Our Services

How We Can Help

Individual action plans designed to get young men back on life's highway.

Is your son drifting off course?

Talk therapy alone isn't enough. That's why our team works with young men and their families to create individualized, multi-faceted plans that include life-skills mentoring, career and academic coaching, and practical therapy.

Is your son struggling?

Our Counseling program will help him build trust in himself and others so he can get at the roots of his issues. We'll support him in developing go-forward strategies for a more balanced, healthy, and productive life.

Is your son stuck on self-destruct?

Our Therapeutic Mentors will connect with him where he's at. We'll help him strengthen his interpersonal skills and introduce him to wellness practices that spark lasting change. We'll walk beside him outside Causeway's walls as he pursues his social, career, and life goals.

Are you struggling to communicate with your son?

Conflict and communication issues within a family create barriers to a young man’s progress. Our family therapists will help you, as parents, navigate these challenges to create a healthier relationship with your son.


Causeway - a road that rises above all others

Causeway Collaborative has been lighting the way for young men at risk since 2012. Our full-service offerings in Futures Planning, Counseling, Therapeutic Mentorship, and Family Therapy have transformed the lives of over 1000+ families and their sons.

Questions about how it all works? Check out our FAQ page.


“We had such a positive experience with CC. Every step of our son’s process of evolving was communicated well to us and let us be a part of the process without taking away from him feeling completely independent of our involvement. He is more confident, focussed and engaged from his time working with David and Paul. The relationships that we all formed because of their work together has brought us all to a greater level of understanding and communicating with our son. Priceless.”

“Truly a life changing experience through Causeway. I will never forget the people and lessons learned throughout my time working here.”

“Vince was an important lifeline for our family during a very troubled time. He is realistic, direct, enthusiastic, and empowers his clients to make better choices for themselves while supporting the family dynamic. John was excellent at relating to our son and building trust for productive sessions. ”