Podcast: Navigating the Complex World of Young Men

Welcome to a journey into the heart of young men’s struggles in our ever-changing world. The debut episode of Causeway Conversations with Vince, Gina, and Nicole offers a treasure trove of understanding, blending empathy with lived experience.

Vince transformed himself from a troubled youth to a guiding figure.

“My work in life has been to share [my experiences] with as many men and young men and subsequently families as possible. Helping men is my life’s work,” says Vince.

His journey is a familiar story and a beacon for families in similar battles.


Nicole, our family therapy expert, dives into the vital role of family dynamics and brings an essential point to light: 

“Young men aren’t socialized to be vulnerable, to be heart-centered, to be feeling. They’re not socialized to do that.” 

This is critical in understanding the mental and emotional barriers that young men often face in expressing themselves and seeking help.


Gina brings to light the evolving role of parents, emphasizing adaptation to the changing needs of young men. 

“I think it’s important to just get to know somebody,” she says, guiding parents to understand the unique way their children operate beyond superficial and traditional levels.


One fascinating aspect of the discussion is the contrast between today’s behavioral patterns of young men and those from a decade ago. The team examines technology’s impact, educational challenges, and shifting social norms. 

“I think it’s hard for young men, period, right now. It’s hard for young men because they’re increasingly isolated,” says Vince.


This episode is an exploration and an open door to understanding the trials and triumphs of young men. 

“Stay in it. And it will get better if you do the work, if you make the next right decision, it can get better,” says Vince.


Whether you’re a parent seeking understanding or a young man searching for direction, this episode of Causeway Conversations is an invaluable resource. Join this journey of understanding and support and discover the profound impact of empathy and experience in shaping young men’s lives.


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